I get so many testimonials and "thank you" emails on a daily basis from people who have read my ebook 101 Powerful Affirmations and found our 101 Powerful Affirmations vibrant FaceBook community to be a great help to them. It would be nearly impossible to post every single testimonial on this page. More or less what I have decided to do is using the FaceBook comment box here so that anyone who is interested in reading 101 Powerful Affirmations, or even anyone who is just wondering what the affirmations are about, can see what everyone else is saying.

I love hearing from my readers and anyone who has benefited from my ebook 101 Powerful Affirmations. Has 101 Powerful Affirmations helped you to transform your life? Let's touch LIVES and bring more LOVE, HOPE & JOY to the world together! Share your testimonial and inspire others to improve their lives just as you did. You have a powerful voice and a unique story – help others by sharing it. So please help share the gift of inspiration with the world and tell us about the positive changes in your life by commenting below!

Thank you. =D

Yee Shun-Jian

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer




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